Click on this link for the video taken on 19 Aug 17: 19 Aug 17 Rocky Pool Walk

Length: 5kms / Grade: 5

Rocky Pool walk, Kalamunda, Western Australia

I walked the Rocky Pool walk on 19 August 17 & 15 September 2018 and both days the weather was perfect and the wildflowers in abundance! Click on this link & download the map Rocky Pool walk

The Rocky Pool walk is a distance of 5 kms loop and a Grade 5. Start at the Spring Road, Kalamunda carpark entrance. The entire walk is a loop so if you go right this is the quickest way to Rocky Pool and an easy walk. However, going left is much longer and a there are steep, rocky and slippery sections. Look out for the ‘blue’ signs as they are high up on trees and can easily be missed. After the Rocky Pool if you have gone clockwise be careful not to miss the blue sign. The post has the blue sign and the Bibblumun track yellow sign with a snake on it. So you will be walking part of the Bibblumun track from here to end of Spring Road. There was a step ascent not far from the beginning and then the descent was also steep and very rocky and today also wet and slippery. I personally found it not too difficult but then I had poles and for me they are a must in this terrain.

In Spring the wildflowers are everywhere and such a variety. They were really very beautiful and the scent of the flowers was everywhere.

As for sign posting for this walk it wasn’t the best. It looked like some of the signs had been tampered with, therefore, quite a few walkers missed the turnoff and and so ended up walking the extra 3-4 kms.

I would definitely recommend doing this walk but wear good hiking boots and for the more mature like me, the walking poles are also a great help with the ascent and descent of that one particular stretch of this walk.

For more information click on this link: Rocky Pool Walk

Ankle damage territory

Rocky and slippery part of the trail.

An unusual tree formation

Natures Design

Peace and quiet

Beautiful and peaceful early in the morning.