Lake Joondalup,W.A.

Lake Joondalup circuit is about 16kms loop and based in the Yellagonga National Park. However, I ended up walking 18kms on a great maintained track. However, this track is really for cyclist as a walking this entire loop is very hard on the feet and no give on the joints. I found myself walking on the edge as much as I could. It is relative an easy track to follow.

Only when you come onto Joodalup Drive there is no signs as to where to go. You have to following Joodalup Drive and turn right into Wanneroo Road, go past the shopping centre until you come to the pine forest. Here you will see the track and so you turn right and then follow the path again. I parked at the Neil Hawkins park and so on the stretch heading to the park there were purple signs indicting the direction and how long to go.

While walking you will see a variety of wildlife everywhere, kangaroos, swans, all types of birds and turtles. Although I never saw a turtle this time, apparently it is a great place to observe the long-necked freshwater turtle. One thing I did notice were signs notifying people that snakes are in the park! Not sure I would feel at ease in the Spring or Summer lazing on the lawn and having a snooze knowing this, so walking with care is recommended!! However, in saying that it is a lovely spot for a family get together and lots of space to run around.

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