Length: 2.7kms loop / Grade: 2-3
Jorgensen Park Walk- Kalamunda

For more information & the map of the Jorgensen Park Walk click on this link: Jorgensen Park-Kalamunda

Jorgensen Park walk in the Kalamunda National Park is an easy walk. The markers are in RED however, at the beginning you see one RED marker but not much from then on. You need to really keep an eye out or you can go on the wrong trail. For instance, in the middle of the walk there are not a lot of signs so you need to keep your wits about you as to the correct trail to take.

Meanwhile, near the end there are more RED markers and so easier to follow. Remember, this was an old golf course so the trails can be at times confusing especially when the RED markers are not available. Also be aware that parts of this track is also the Bibbulmun Track so you will see the yellow signs with a snake on them.

I did take a detour on a couple of times and so this lead to a 6km walk. There seems to be a lot of extra trails (mostly bike trails) but some of them have great views. Eventually I will go back and tackle the other trails and see where they take me.

The wildflowers were still out in full and I saw some wildflowers today that I haven’t seen before. The colours of the wildflowers still amaze me each time I am out walking!

List of walks in the Kalamunda National Park.

The following walks are all connected in the Shire of Kalamunda, Perth Hills so you are able to just do one of the walks or join up a couple of the walks and make for a longer walk. (Click on the link to open up the walk which shows you the map and the directions)
• Schipp Road Walk (Schipp Road Walk)
• Helena Pipehead Walk (Helena Pipehead Walk)
• Jorgensen Park Walk (Jorgensen Park Walk)
• Rocky Pool Walk (Rocky Pool Walk)
• Piesse Gully Walk (Piesse Gully Loop)

The Jorgensen Park walk, is an easy walk and it is only about a 2.7kms loop walk. However, there are many trails (mostly bike trails) that lead off this trail that are also interesting. I did take a couple of different trails on this walk and so the video represents this. So be aware that the photos in this video are not all of the Jorgensen Park walk.

For the other walks mentioned above you can go to the Travel with Eeeeze ‘Index Page’ where the walks are listed. Or click here for:
Schipp Road Walk
Helena Pipehead Walk
Rocky Pool Walk
Piesse Gully Loop (Yet to be walked)

Jorgensen Park Walk is very interesting

Jorgensen Park walk. Here is a tree that is growing over a granite boulder

Jorgensen Park walk and its wildflowers

Jorgensen Park walk has lots of wildflowers in Spring. This is a budding White Cottonhead flower

Jorgensen Park walk with many of natures designs

Jorgensen Park walk- morning light through the leaves