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Photos for sale


Sunrise on a pool of water beside the highway from Esperance. W.A.


In addition to my travel blogs, photography is one of my passions and I prefer to challenge myself with a variety of genres. These are just a sample of what I have. If there is something special you would like please let me know. All photos are available for sale.

Unique Images

For something very different and unique to decorate your home have a look at these unique images. Each image originates from a photograph and is digitally manipulated to create these one of pieces. Click on this website and have a look at these unique images. Optique Photography Here is a sample of the work:

Furthermore please remember, that the 3D unique images on www.optiquephotography.com most of them can be changed to your colour choice and can be rotated to another facet. Therefore please feel free to contact us with your prefered choices.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Due to there being no shopping cart on this site, please email the name and number of your preferred photo/s that you are interested in purchasing.

Information required:

  • Size
  • How many prints?
  • Paper choice:
    • matt,
    • lustre,
    • metallic
  • Address they are to be sent to

Once we have the above information you will be contacted within 24 hours with a price.


All images remain the property of Travel with Eeeeze and may not be used without their permission. Please ready the copyright on website. Click on this link: Copyright