Length: 6.2kms loop / Grade: 4
Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range NP

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range is approximately 4.5 hours via the Albany Highway/ State Route 120 from Perth city and only an hour from Albany.

Bluff Knoll has absolutely fabulous 360-degree views from the summit. Bluff Knoll is 1095m above sea level and a 3.1km climb up many steps. It is steep in some areas and some of the steps are high so you may have to sit on them and swing your legs up and over.

The weather can change quickly so be prepared for all seasons. At the halfway mark the view is stunning! However, when you arrive at the summit your breath is taken away!! I was lucky enough to have perfect weather and so could see for miles and able to sit for half an hour just soaking in the environment. There had been snow the night before but not a lot of it had stayed there were a few patches here and there on the way up. On the summit, there was more snow but it had melted by the time I arrived.

If you are a walker I would suggest that this is a must to do. Be warned if going to walk this in the holidays start early. I arrived at the carpark around 6 am and starting walking around 7 am. The carpark was nearly full and when full the cars have to wait way down the main road. When I left there were 30 cars waiting to go up and this was at 11 am!!

For more information on Bluff Knoll click on this link Parks Dept WA- Bluff Knoll

View to Bluff Knoll
Looking up at Bluff Knoll
Snow on Bluff Knoll trail
Patches of snow on the Bluff Knoll trail
Bluff Knoll summit
Bluff Knoll summit on a perfect morning