What a great weekend we had. Another beautiful Western Australian coastline! Albany is about a 4.5 hour drive from Perth and Denmark is another 40 odd minutes from Albany. Both places were just amazing. Fabulous beaches, great walks which I will be going back to do. I did walk half way up to Bald Head and this walk had some excellent views and not a difficult walk really.

 Both Albany and Denmark were very friendly towns and laid back.  A weekend definitely was not long enough


Albany is approximately 419kms from Perth on the Albany Highway via Kojonup and Mount Barker. The town is very warm and friendly. The people went out of their way to help us. It is situated on a beautiful Western Australia coastline. York Street is the main street and it looks straight out into the blue waters of Princess Royal Harbour. Albany has many old historic public buildings and homes. Albany is Western Australians oldest European settlement.

You can literally spend hours driving along the magnificent coastline, viewing the beautiful white sandy beaches or the huge rocky outcrops. There are many attractions to visit and one of them is Whaleworld which is situated at the end of Frenchman Bay road. Along with these attractions you have the famous Natural Bridge and The Gap. These are a must see. The council have done a wonderful job of creating lookouts and pathways for all to view.

We also visited The Blowholes. They were not shooting up water spouts but the sound was so loud and quite scary. I would love to see the water spouts at some stage.

If you are a walker then there are some wonderful walks. Not that I did them but the reviews are amazing and will definitely be going back to walk some of them. I did walk half way up the Bald Head walk which was thoroughly enjoyable with wonderful views.

This is another place you ‘must add to your bucket list’.

Click on this link for more about Albany. City of Albany


Denmark is on the South West Coast of Western Australia approximately 414kms south east of Perth. It is situated on the Rainbow Coast in the Great Southern Region. The area around Denmark has a variety of walks, beaches and natural attractions to visit. Denmark has a temperate climate all year round.

We found the town to be a relaxed and friendly place. Nearly everyone said hello and were only too willing to help you. I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful white beaches. Especially Greens Pool and Elephant Rock. Just absolute paradise. There were so many beaches that you could get away and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I’m looking forward to going back and spending a lot more time so I can explore the many walks that are around this area.

I would definitely put this place on your ‘must to visit’ list!

Click on this link for more about Denmark. Town of Denmark

Denmark, The Gap, Ocean
View from viewing deck looking down The Gap
Denmark, Elephant Rock
Elephant Rock at Denmark
Beaches in Albany & Denmark. Visited The Gap, Natural Bridge and Elephant Rock and Green Pool
Surf beach at Albany